What is Moral Hazard and Why Should You Care?

Why you should be very concerned about the recent bank failures. Since Reagan, financial institutions over $10 billion have mostly been left to self-regulate. Moral hazard ran amuck throughout our financial systems preceding the 1990s and 2008 financial crashes. And the recent bank failure of Silicon Valley Bank is a powerful sign that it’s happening…

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The RealPage Common Pricing Platform is Designed to Circumvent the State’s Landlord-Tenant Act —the Question Becomes, What’s Reasonable?

The Problem? Imagine, if you will, a story about someone like you. Meet Jane and John Doe and their two toddlers. They live in Seattle, Washington, where they rent a two-bedroom apartment. It’s a story about one day, just one day in their life, a day that would change everything. However, to them, that day…

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The CMBS and the Fed…is there a crisis brewing in the Rental Housing Industry? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

Figure of the stock market crashing

After the financial crashes in 1929, the Roosevelt Administration established the process of financing our homes through the New Deal. Before this, the Federal Government played no role in our housing. During this period (1930 to 1972), homeownership reached an all-time high and was very affordable. However, at inflection point 1, (below) the Nixon administration changed the financing rules and put the responsibility back into private enterprises’ hands. n this blog, we will discuss the housing crashes and their causes. At inflection point 4, we discuss the current impending housing crash and its most likely causes–Risk vs. Moral Hazzard.

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A New Deal for the American Renter: Solving the Eviction Crisis

A black and white picture of the man signing the document

With the Eviction Crisis looming and millions of Americans facing the threat of homelessness, many Americans are left wondering, “will the government bail out the people?” The US Government has spent billions of dollars in the last two decades doing just that for Wall Street. Banks and investment firms that defrauded the public and blew…

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The Value of a Dollar and Political Chaos

I will never forget my first economics class at the university. My professor, a member of Ford’s board of directors and an economic advisor, asked a student for a dollar bill. The professor then held up the bill and requested a straightforward question, “What is this one-dollar bill worth?” A discussion ensued between class members.…

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Fixing our Electoral System: a Lesson from our Past

A picture of the word ELECTIONS on the road

Allow me to relate the history of the 1934 Pecora Report. Back in 1929, America was suffering from the Great Depression’s effects and a great crisis of confidence in our financial systems. Our predecessors demanded not just an investigation into the system’s failure but the transparency of the probe’s findings and action on the part…

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