Meet James M. Nelson

An Expert on the Housing Industry and Economics

James M. Nelson

…has nearly 40 years’ banking experience, including work as a Federal Banking Regulator, agricultural and commercial lending, and ultimately owning his own banking services company. With nearly as much real estate experience, Nelson’s work as a licensed commercial broker has included many multifamily projects.

The Book (Short intro)

Stealing Home: How AI is Hijacking the American Dream

  • If you want to understand what the Trump Administration has done to HUD and the Housing Markets, read this book.
  • Today, America has an affordable housing crisis of about 7 million rental units. Yet, the debt backed by the governments’ guarantee is now reaching over $7 trillion, the most in US history and far more than in 2008. Why isn’t something being done about this?
  • Property owners and the management companies they hire have hijacked our housing markets from benefiting the taxpayers and consumers to a massive money-making machine for themselves, leading to skyrocketing rental rates and homelessness.
  • The Destruction of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-- The Regulator.
  • HUD’s decision to change the disparate impact rule, a move that fair housing advocates claim, is part of the Trump administration’s effort to “gut” federal protections against housing discrimination. The rule also places extreme limits on adjudicating the AI technology and those who use it.

The Economic Study (Short intro)

The New Landlord, a Study on the Three-Part Leasing Strategy, Powered by Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence©

Coming Soon

Frontcover New Landlord


  • The nature and source of the new AI-driven technology explained, and what the AI technology developers are promising. We look at the various critical IT programs and databases they provide to make the whole leasing strategy work.
  • We look at the rental housing industry and the massive changes that have recently taken place. Including a deep-dive into the top ten property managers-- the AI technology they are using and their deep ties and interconnections with Wall Street Banks.
  • The Three-Part Leasing Strategy Explained:
    • First, Property Managers have formed a cartel and share massive amounts of data and a shared pricing algorithm. They are using AI technology to set high, fixed-rates of rents, which accounts for the increase in rental rates between 25 and 50 percent over the past decade.
    • Second, to lock tenants into the long-term contract, Aggressive Leasing Tactics are used by exploiting methods such as unreasonable early termination fees. The program was found to be one of the Primary Causes of Homelessness—they are erecting barriers to housing.
    • To complete the process, the Effective Rental Rates, which is a program used to increase the real rate of rents over the contracted price by some 20 to 43 percent and found to be a leading cause of Severe Rent-Burdening.
  • Their process of balancing supply and demand and their dependence on data from Experian RentBureau needed to set the highest rates possible to maximize profits is explained.
  • The rise in gentrification and homelessness are a byproduct of the pricing model’s programming, is explained.

Everything You Need to Know About the Housing Market

James Nelson blows the whistle on the multifamily property management cartel, exposing artificial price-fixing, rent hiking, discrimination, and the systematic dismantling of America’s consumer protection watchdog, the CFPB. “Stealing Home” is a clear call to action to curb skyrocketing rental rates and closing costs (fees) and take back the American housing market.

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“Stealing Home is a brilliantly researched book into why rental prices are escalating throughout the country. We must demand answers from those who can fix this crisis. Nelson shows us what we can and must do to fix this. Reporters, please read and investigate this. Now!”
Julie Blacklow
Former KING-5 Seattle Investigative Journalist

“James Nelson has done the movement for affordable housing a huge favor by writing this explosive new book about Artificial Intelligence technology. Tenants threatened with evictions can fight back against landlord’s greed. Nelson’s research justifies a thorough investigation by the responsible public officials.”
Mike Withey
Human rights lawyer, former president of the Public Justice Foundation

“Nelson’s compelling research correlates artificial intelligence, rising rental prices, and in many cases, discrimination within AI algorithms during a time when we need answers and accountability for sky-rocketing multifamily rental rates.”
T’wina Nobles
President, and CEO, Tacoma Urban League