Meet James M. Nelson

An Expert on the Housing Industry and Economics

James M. Nelson

…has nearly 40 years’ banking experience, including work as a Federal Banking Regulator, agricultural and commercial lending, and ultimately owning his own banking services company. With nearly as much real estate experience, Nelson’s work as a licensed commercial broker has included many multifamily projects.

about the books

To understand the housing crisis more fully, an economic four-part study was completed covering all stages of the property life cycle. It includes ten economic studies containing over 1,000 pages. The broad research provided a clearer picture of what is happening in the markets and the industry and how the various segments interact to create our current affordable-housing crises. The four-part study underpins the two books.

Between late 2018 and November 2022, the author spent over 6,000 work hours on its production. It includes over 2,500 cited references from over 10,000 pages of documents and nearly 500 quotes from industry insiders. The first three parts are summarized in Book 1, the remainder in Book 2.

This research underpins the legal cases against RealPage, the owner and operator of the industry's common pricing platform (Platform).

Target Audience: Housing policymakers, federal, state, and local government agencies and elected officials, the legal community, Academia, and affordable housing activists.

Book 2 (Short intro)

Coming Soon


Book 1 (Short intro)

Stealing Home: How AI is Hijacking the American Dream


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“Stealing Home is a brilliantly researched book into why rental prices are escalating throughout the country. We must demand answers from those who can fix this crisis. Nelson shows us what we can and must do to fix this. Reporters, please read and investigate this. Now!”
Julie Blacklow
Former KING-5 Seattle Investigative Journalist

“James Nelson has done the movement for affordable housing a huge favor by writing this explosive new book about Artificial Intelligence technology. Tenants threatened with evictions can fight back against landlord’s greed. Nelson’s research justifies a thorough investigation by the responsible public officials.”
Mike Withey
Human rights lawyer, former president of the Public Justice Foundation

“Nelson’s compelling research correlates artificial intelligence, rising rental prices, and in many cases, discrimination within AI algorithms during a time when we need answers and accountability for sky-rocketing multifamily rental rates.”
T’wina Nobles
President, and CEO, Tacoma Urban League