James Nelson

James Nelson is a commercial banker, Commerical Real Estate Broker, and author of the book Stealing Home, How Artificial Intelligence Is Hijacking the American Dream.

Employed in the US banking system for nearly 40 years, Mr. Nelson elected to spend much his career financing “main-street America.”

James Nelson completed his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University with a BS in Agricultural Economics, an interdisciplinary degree that required proficiency in economics and accounting with some emphasis on agribusiness.

During his lengthy career, Mr. Nelson is a licensed real estate broker, a member of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NLMS), an active member of the National Association of Realtors and holds a 2012 National License to Issue Real Estate Broker Opinions of Value.

He has also completed Management Trainee Programs with the Farm Credit Systems, Loan Officer Training Programs with US Bank, Senior Management Training Programs with Wells Fargo Bank, and participated in numerous service organizations.

Mr. Nelson’s career began in 1982 with Farm Credit as a Federal Banking Examiner.   He then transferred to a lending position specializing in Agricultural lending.  The next five years were spent as Senior Loan Officer Over Special Assets/Debt Restructuring. He acquired skills in audits and exams, developing and enforcing various rules and regulations needed to safeguard the bank from undue risk, as well as developing and implementing structured workout arrangements for large and complex agricultural loans.

He then began working with a commercial bank and included general commercial loans such as SBA and other government-sponsored loans and  GSE debt in his skill set.  He has financed most typical main-street American businesses including governmental debt. He has been responsible for underwriting some of the most complex loans in his banking division.  He gained management experience while directing one of the largest banks in one of America’s largest metropolitan areas.  He further developed senior management skills working as an Acting Chief Credit Officer jointly with the FDIC. There, he wholly restructured the commercial lending platform and all underwriting and loan administration functions as a part of repositioning the bank for acquisition. This included the development of credit policy and procedures, management of lending staff, and assisting in raising capital for the bank which led to the sale of the bank once the loan portfolio had been successfully rehabilitated.

In the last decade, with his unmatched knowledge of commercial finance in nearly every industry, Mr. Nelson founded a boutique company specializing in commercial loan brokerage services providing financing, including the financing of large multifamily projects.

James Nelson has worked and lived in many of the western states and is the father of four children and nine grandchildren.  In fact, his decision to author this work was out of his concern for their future.